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Welcome to The Law of Attraction Powered by Hypnosis!
A unique Personal Empowerment Training Program. The Law of Attraction meets Hypnosis. It's like the Law of Attraction but on steroids! This Empowerment program has been nicknamed "The Beast" because of its ability to make change fast. The Law of Attraction simply states that what you focus on you attract. That sounds simple enough but with 60,000 conscious thoughts flying through your mind everyday controlling them all just isn't an easy task. The Quantum Gift explains on a scientific level how and why the Law of Attraction works and offers simple and powerful explanations along the way. The Quantum Gift will help you create a powerful positive mind set and then we use the power of hypnosis to prevent self sabotage and allow those new positive programs to sit at a subconscious level. Personal Empowerment and the ability to attract health, wealth, success and happiness has never been so easy, fast and strong.

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Your Brain Is The Road Map of Your Life
How is it that some people seem to attract all the success in the world leaving 95% of the population struggling to just get by? Well the answer is so simple. Successful people are actually hard wired for success.
The sum of all your life events, beliefs, values and strategies become your character and your character becomes hardwired into your brain. This hard wiring means that you will keep doing what you have always done and you will keep getting what you have always got. Only when you make a deep subconscious shift will your deepest thoughts alter and you begin to create a new and different future of your creation and not just one being created from the past.

"This is by far the best Law of Attraction course I have ever done. I have finally found something that really works and has helped my bypass all negative clutter, blitzing negative thoughts and learning how to attract and focus positively moving forwards. Im now in control and I can step out into the world feeling fabulous and being reassured that nothing can break me. This is "a beast" of a course, it isn't called "The Beat" for nothin! You have to do it to feel its power. Thank you David Knight for all your kind support, Im flying." - Gillian

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The Quantum Gift Life Empowerment Program
The Quantum Gift is a 150 page downloadable e-book in 8 chapters. Each chapter revealing a mind wealth strategy following the laws of attraction then enforcing that strategy through the power of Hypnosis.

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8 Hypnosis Life Empowerment Audio Downloads
Each of the 8 chapters comes with our unique Subconscious Mind, Theta Enhanced programs to install health, wealth and success strategy.
The audio will relax your mind into "Theta Brain Wave" and powerful suggestions will reprogram your mind for unlimited attraction.

The Quantum Gift Life Empowerment Program
The Quantum Gift is a 150 page downloadable e-book in 8 chapters. Each chapter revealing a mind wealth strategy following the laws of attraction then enforcing that strategy through the power of Hypnosis.

Law of Attraction E-Book

8 Hypnosis Life Empowerment Audio Downloads
Each of the 8 chapters comes with our unique Subconscious Mind, Analytical Relaxation, Theta Enhanced Reprogram to install health, wealth, success and happiness strategy. The audio will relax your mind into "Theta Brain Wave" and powerful suggestions will reprogram your mind for unlimited attraction.

Law of Atttraction Hypnosis

"My natural fear of doing something different almost stopped me from doing the Quantum Gift Life Empowerment Course, Im so pleased I decided to give the course a go because my personal confidence has completely changed. Today I am so much more optimistic and people around me have noticed a big change in my attitude. I just feel wonderful and I put it all down to this course and the incredible support I received. Thank you soooooo much." - Graham

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Life Empowerment Mentor Support and Training
As part of the Quantum Gift support program you will have your own Hypnosis Life Coach and Life Empowerment Mentors to guide you along the way. If you are looking for success in any field the fastest way to achieve that success is to follow in the footsteps of someone who has already taken the path. Quantum Gift Mentors are highly trained Hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners and Hypnosis Life Coaches. Access to such professionals will help rocket you to success faster than any positive thinking ever will.

Facebook Group Training and Support
Access to a Facebook Support Group will help you with daily motivation. Your success in life will generally be the average of the five closest people that you have around you. It's not what lies ahead of you, it's who stands beside you. Be around people who are on the same mission as you. A mission of health, wealth, success and happiness.

"Since I starting this program I have has so much success, I could never have dreamed of getting prior to getting the course. My life is now so positive in every aspect, my health, my business, long term prospects, not just for me but my family as well." - Warmest regards Beverley and Family

Quantum Gift Video Conference Training
The beautiful thing about the Quantum Gift is the support program. As you go through the 16 weeks of training, 2 weeks dedicated to each of the 8 chapters you will have the opportunity to take part in a live video conference call. The live video conference calls are easy to do and great fun to be a part of. The 8 Conference calls will help guide you through the program and offer a place for live support from your Hypnosis Coach and Life Empowerment Mentors.

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Law of Attraction

"Working with David Knight over the last two years has been truly inspirational, David is helping me achieve my health goals and a much deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction. I can now focus on bigger goals. David is an incredible teacher and the facebook support group is amazing and keeps your focus on track. I would highly recommend this course to attract health, wealth and happiness. The course is amazing." - Jason

The Real Law of Attraction Secret
There are many Law of Attraction products available on the market but many of them seem to be missing the real secrets to attraction. You see you don’t attract what you think about, you attract what you are. Your conscious thoughts are only a small part of the deal, you attract what your more powerful subconscious mind is focused on. If your subconscious mind is blocking your positive thoughts with negative worries you will never attract success into your life. Fears of failure or self limited beliefs will never be beaten by positive thought alone. Trying to attract without your subconscious mind on your side is like trying to hit a ping pong ball through a brick wall. The Quantum Gift offers you all the training and tools needed to attract your dream future into reality.

"Thank you for introducing me to the Quantum Gift. I know I must have seemed a little sceptical at first but believe me any scepticism I once had has gone for ever. I now practice my attraction on a daily basis and although it only takes a matter of minutes the rewards are incredible." - Beverley

Perhaps the Most Powerful Law of Attraction Program Ever Created
We all create our own self limiting beliefs and metal blocks that will hold us back from achieving the dream we deserve. Now, we have the tools to clear the mind of junk and to install the success mind set straight into your subconscious. Just like a computer you will be hard wired and programmed for success, ready to achieve what you once thought impossible.

This is not just another Internet sales product. This is a life empowerment program created by Master Hypnotist David Knight. David is without question one of the worlds most successful Hypnotists with a world class reputation second to none. David is known as The Mind Persuader and holds the world speed record for hypnosis. David has performed over 8,000 training seminars and hypnosis performances in over 50 countries. Training not just inform you but transform you.

"Since I started this my life has changed completely, all for the better. I wake up with a smile on my face ready and optimistic for the day ahead." - Lynne

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Quantum Gift

1. Completely Unique 16 week Home Study Program. The programme audio contains unique Theta enhanced Hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind fast.

Hypnosis Mind Movies. Four of the most powerful mind blowing movies ever created. Fast subconscious changes in as little as five minutes a day. Change your subconscious thoughts and everything changes.

Todays life is fast and time is limited. Hypnosis audio can blast your subconscious mind on night as you sleep. Drift off to sleep listening to the audio and become an attraction beast.

4. First Class Support. Product support from Life Empowerment Hypnotists and Mentors. This support includes 8 live Internet Video Conference Training Calls.

5. A full 100% satisfaction Guarantee. If the program doesn't blast you through limiting self beliefs faster than ever before you will receive 100% of your money back.

"I have been using the Law of Attraction for about 8 weeks and have already earned back more than I paid for the courses.. thats apart from what I have attracted. i am starting to find that people are attracting me to them and vice versa. I started to attract almost immediately once I started following this course." - Maureen

Please join David Knight on a Personal Call
We understand that buying direct from the Internet is not always and easy decision and so if you have not yet met or spoken with David Knight why not arrange a personal call and allow David Knight to answer all your questions in person.

The Quantum Gift Satisfaction Guarantee
Here's the best guarantee you will ever get. You have a full 30 days no questions asked guarantee on your purchase. This will give you the opportunity to go through the course and if you are not more than satisfied you will receive 100% of your money back and you still get to keep the course.

The Quantum Gift

The Quantum Gift 4 Month Course
8 Law of Attraction Ebook Downloads Valued at - £400
24 Mind Blasting Hypnosis Audio Downloads - £240
1 Personal Online Zoom Calls - £200
4 Group Online Hypnosis Zoom Calls - £200
4 Group Hypnosis Relaxation Sessions - £200

Valued at £1,200 -
Order Today £396
Pay as You Go Option £99 x 4 Months

"I've been using the Law of Attraction for 7 years now and thought I knew it all, I can firmly state that I have never seen anything as powerful and the Quantum Gift no wonder it has been nicknamed "The Beast." The Quantum Mind Code Technology in the Hypnosis audio is just so incredibly powerful and I can now attract bigger things with more power and faster than ever before because of the person I have become. Thank you, this system is simply amazing and worth every penny and so much more." - Paul

"I had many days where I was so over being here in my business and I could have closed the door and walked away… So my success from the course is that I have managed to find my happy place within. Listening to the Quantum Gift audios have really given me the key. I can honestly say that this little program has packed one powerful punch for me. Everyday I listened to the same program several times then switched to the next one. I could literally feel myself shifting consciousness. I have found something to be passionate about, something I struggled with before, I have several things that juice me up but this one has popped out of the sidelines and scooped me up!" - Mandy