Mind Persuader
The Life Empowerment Circle - Course 1

Change The World Inside and The World Outside Changes!

Today do you feel that you could be living a happier more positive life? Do you feel like you are not moving forwards? Do you suffer with stress, anxiety, PTSD, worries, pain, inflammation, or lack of confidence? Is so the Mind Persuader is ready to help. This powerful online course is powered by hypnosis and ready to blast your worries away!

The "Missing Mind Manual"

Today you will have over 60,000 conscious thoughts, thoughts of happiness, thoughts of wellness and thoughts of success. but sometimes the thoughts you hope for aren't always the thoughts you have.

In todays fast world the speed and stress can easily lead to disappointment, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, sickness and disease. With 60,000 thoughts a day controlling them all is almost impossible. Imagine if there was a way where you could turn all the negatives off and take back control of your life. There is a way but the question is are you ready to make that change, are you ready to build new strength and confidence and a new future of dreams? If you are ready we have the solution.

"The Mind Persuader" reveals the secrets of creating a positive mind set for your new future.

"Mind Persuader" is the Mind Manual for that success.

"The Mind Persuader" is the "Missing Mind Manual" that you should have been born with!

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"I had many days where I was so over being here in my business and I could have closed the door and walked away… So my success from the program is that I have managed to find my happy place within. Listening to the Hypnosis audios have really given me the key. I can honestly say that this little program has packed one powerful punch for me. Everyday I listened to the same program several times then switched to the next one. I could literally feel myself shifting consciousness. I have found something to be passionate about, something I struggled with before, I have several things that juice me up but this one has popped out of the sidelines and scooped me up! " - Mandy

Your Powerful Unconscious Mind

Your success depends on your powerful mind program and how your brain is wired! It's true, science now tells us that our minds can be rewired for success in areas of our lives. Rewired for sleeping, rewired for pain relief, rewired to remove unwanted habits and of course rewired for success along with another one hundred possible changes. There is however one slight challenge. Rewiring that success requires reaching down into your unconscious thought processes and building from there upwards, removing unwanted limiting beliefs. The challenge is tough, your deepest thought process are right at the bottom of your unconscious mind. Getting in there to rewire is almost impossible, unless you have the combination.

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"Sometime you come across something that changes your life and this was one of those moments. The ebook and audio is just enlightening but then the Facebook support group is just wonderful. Each Month David Knight runs an Online Video Conference Zoom and it's just so much fun but just so fascinating. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to build a better future. Thank you David Knight." - Calum

Life Coaching meets Hypnosis

Are you ready to take back control of your life, are you ready to unlock the true potential of your unconscious mind and ready to create an incredible future.

There are 3 types of people in life, those that make it happen, those who watch it happen and those that wonder what happened. If you are ready to make life happen then this Mind Program is ready for you.

The "Mind Persuader" Online Course consists of the following:

Download The "Missing Mind Manual"
Download 3 Hypnosis .mp3 Health, Wealth and Confidence
Email support through the "Missing Mind Manual"
Your Own Mentor to guide you through the course
A Powerful Facebook Support Group
Once A Month Live Online Success Video Coaching
Once A Month Live Online Group Hypnosis Session

"I really enjoyed the Hypnosis course, it gave me the drive and motivation I needed to move forwards. To say the course is a starter it gets straight to the point and is pure genius and it gives a powerful kick to the program. The course is like no other and comes with support from David Knight Hypnosis Life Coach and his team of Mentors to help rocket you to success. Thank you David Knight for this amazing opportunity because it's the best change I have ever made." - Gillian

Your Powerful Subconscious Mind

It doesn't matter how positive or strong willed you are, if your subconscious mind is not your friend you will continue to struggle to achieve your goals. We all know people who seem to be the most positive but deep down inside they are determined to self sabotage themselves in everything they set out to achieve.

"Thank you for introducing me to the Hypnosis course. I know I must have seemed a little sceptical at first, but believe me any scepticism I once had has now gone forever. I now practice my attraction Mind Codes on a daily basis and although it only takes a matter of minutes, the rewards are incredible. I have already had several successes I could never have dreamed of getting prior to doing this course. My life is now so positive in every aspect, my health, my business, long term prospects, not just for me but for my family as well." - Warmest Regards, Beverley and Family

Monthly Online Video Conference Success Coaching

As you go through the "Mind Persuader" course you will have the opportunity to take part in our monthly Success Coaching Video Conference Calls. These video conference calls take place around the first Saturday of each month and give you the opportunity to meet your Life Coach and Mentors live online. It costs nothing to join in, all you need is wifi for live access around the world!

These 4 Live Video Conference Calls also include 4 live group hypnosis sessions valued at £100 each.

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Are You Ready To Take Action?

If you are ready for the journey of a life time we will be excited for you to join us. Of course every journey begins with a single step. You will learn more with this program in the next 4 months than you have learnt about yourself and your mind in all the time since the days you were born. It's never too late to make change but now is the only time you can do it in. Join us and become part of a life changing group.

"The Mind Persuader is truly a life changing program, the e-book is fascinating and I just love the audio but for me it was the first step on a remarkable journey into the world of hypnosis. I just wish I had found this program years ago. This really is the Mind Instruction Manual you should have been born with. Thank you David Knight for this remarkable mind program." - David

Questions About Mind Persuader?
Now is always the right time to make change. You see time isn't the problem, you are. There is all the time in the world, it's all about priorities.

If you have questions regarding the Mind Persuader program you can request a free 30 minute conference call so we can discuss your suitability for the course, simply follow the button below and contact us.

Business and personal success doest just happen by chance. There is a success formula. Time management will allow you to remove almost all the stress from your life as you achieve so much more in a fraction of the time.

If like most people time is one thing that you would like more of then nows the time to begin this life changing program. From the first week you will relax, organise, breathe and experience a whole different world.

Change your mind and you change your future. Join a group of individuals all moving in one direction to find success in their lives. After all, it's not what stands in front of you, it's who stands beside you.

"The support I have received from David Knight and the Hypnosis Circle has simply been first class. Im loving these courses and I'm loving creating my own future." Chris - UK

Here's What You Get!
3 Hypnosis Download .pdf Manuals - Value £47
1 Hypnosis Attraction Download .pdf Manual - Value £19
3 Hypnosis Audio Downloads Health Wealth and Happiness - £30
+ Receive 3 Months Support Membership Value £100
Daily Motivation Facebook Support Group - Priceless
8 Live Group Hypnosis Sessions with David Knight - Value £398

Thats a value of £594 but available today for just one payment of £99

(Only 4 Places Available This Month)

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Guaranteed or Your Money Back

We are completely confident that the power of this coaching program and if you feel you haven't received better value than the price of the course we will give you a 100% refund.

Guaranteed or Your Money Back
We are completely confident that the power of this coaching program and if you feel you haven't received 10 times more value than the price of the course we will give you a 100% refund.

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Order today reduced from £594 to just £99
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